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Self Teaching Discipline

Three of us in this household are taking some form of online school. This takes a particular type of discipline because it is very easy to put off lessons until the last minute. Having a plan of action can help keep things on track. Each of us have different styles of studying and what works for one will not work for another. It is very easy to fall behind when the only one pushing you forward is yourself.

I have found that dedicating a time each day to focus just on my class gives me the structure I need to get the job done. It still takes a lot of work to stick to my plan. There are days when I just want to read instead of watch lecture videos or I feel that I can put it off until later. Just later never comes so then the next day I am kicking myself for not getting it done. With daily functions and other things pulling at me it is hard to make sure I put my priorities in order. I would much rather fold clothes while watching a movie than complete an online homework.

My oldest kid is doing online school this year. She has a different work ethic than I do. As a kid I would never have wanted to write stories or read in my free time. She stays busy doing things that I think benefit her education. I was a gamer kid that would play sick to stay home with the Nintendo just to beat one more round of my latest game. B will do well with online school. She will still need me to coach her here and there to keep her on task. It is easier for me to keep someone else on task than it is to keep myself on task. I guess that is like cleaning someone’s house rather than your own. It just comes easier.

The main thing to remember about self teaching is to not let yourself get overwhelmed. Take on things one at a time and don’t worry about deadlines that are not immediate. Don’t get ahead or behind, just stay in the zone. No one ever said doing work of any type was easy at home. In fact, it is just the opposite. Working, school or otherwise, from home takes great self discipline.

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