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Achoo choo chooo… FUCK!

The hill will have to wait. I have been sick since a few days after that post. This has been the worst cold I have had in the past 5 years. It just won’t go away and when I start to feel better BAM! sick again. Just to catch anyone who gives a damn up to my every day chaos, I am taking calculus again. My dad had back surgery which led to him having an infection and delayed recovery. He is supposed to come stay with me after he gets out of the rehab center. (every time I say that it seems wrong because I think drugs) No telling when that is going to happen. I get all my news second hand and sometimes wildly stretched. Once I get better I will go see him to get the truth of everything.. unless he dies. (OCD Much!)

Sadly and unexpectedly I miss running. I miss pounding my frustration on the pavement. I miss pushing myself. I am still losing weight because I have been active in other ways and still not eating much because of this fucking cold. Nothing tastes right. We will see if I gain any of it back or if it stays gone. I am hoping to never see these numbers again.

Thanks, WarcraftPets for the image.

In WoW, 5.4 just came out so I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy. I am hooked on battle pets. I got the new Ruby Droplet. I love it! I can’t wait to train it up to see how it battles. I tried the Celestial Tournament. I made it to the 4 boss guys and killed one of them before all 30 of my lvl 25 pets were dead. I need more beast killing mechs. Once I level more up to max level I will try again with a game plan. I just went in there once to see what it is about. Seems to be pretty cool for ultimate pet battling. Little Tommy’s pet comes down to RNG. I have beat it a few times. Thankful for all the band-aids I burned through rezzing my team.

When your sick what else are you supposed to but play video games and read. Right now I am reading the Mortal Instruments series. I plan to take my oldest to see the first movie of that before it is out of the theater. She saved up the money to go. The book series is geared towards her age group. I like it for what it is worth. I wanted to throw the first book, but she told me some spoilers to keep me reading. It will be a nice outing for the two of us. I like it when books are used for other things… er most of the time.

Calculus class… Meh! Looking for a tutor. It started out good the first two weeks and then I drowned.

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