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A Letter of Denial

This past Summer I received a letter in the mail that stated that the college, where I have been attending the past 3 years, was going to close my degree. That if I did not register and complete one class per Fall and Spring term that I would considered as a non-degree student. To comply with the letter’s demands I registered in an online calculus class as an elective. I chose online because I knew I didn’t have time for a class right now. That was the reason I wasn’t enrolled since last Fall. I was taking a break to get my life in order before finishing my degree. I am only two classes away from the AS in Biomedical Technology. I figured if I took an online class I would be able to squeeze it in at some point during the week, however, this was not the case.

After starting out strong I hit three terrible weeks that threw me into the deep-end. I failed the first exam and began to realize that no matter what I did this was not the time for this class. That realization sent me through the roof with stress. If I could not complete the class I would be kicked out of the major no matter who I begged and pleaded. My only course of action at this time is to cut off the arm to save the body of work I have already finished. If I withdraw from the class now it will not affect my GPA. I won’t be able to finish my AS degree even though I am only two classes away from finishing it.

All of this hit me very hard until I came to terms with it. Since I have finished so many credits I have the chance at getting a secondary certificate. This I will add to my already completed AA to help me locate a better paying job. The certificate is a Scientific Workplace Preparation College Credit Certification. That basically means that I have some extra science courses that will put me into another program if I choose to go that route. It should help me get into a laboratory as an assistant or lackey of some sort. Honestly, I have to stop looking at it as a second place prize. Sure I didn’t complete the AS and that makes me a failure, but it wasn’t totally my fault. I was a victim of circumstance. I will have to pay monetarily for my mistakes and count it as a lesson learned.

I did ask the college, or rather my adviser, why they were closing the degree. They explained that many of the health-field students (pre-med and nurses) use my degree to get their pre-reqs finished and then switch to their majors. This looks bad upon the college because they have to report to the government how many they have in a degree and how many degrees they have completed. It makes the college look bad because they have a huge gap where this degree sits in their catalog. So because of people abusing the system I have been sent this letter that totally screwed me over. That makes me angry and hurt, but I also have to take the blame. I tried to continue and fell short of the finish line.

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