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Holy Guacamole

I spent the morning at the college speaking with an adviser, the registrar, and admissions about my situation. After everything was said and done I am still in the degree program for an AS in Biomedical Technology. They are going to let me continue on the basis that I take a course this Spring. According to the adviser the lady that wrote the letter I received does not work there anymore. They are going to disregard the portion of the letter that states that I have to register and complete a class this Fall.

Since I am only two classes away and I am actually going towards a completion of the degree they are going to keep me in the program. I swear I must have thanked everyone over and over for giving me the chance. I am still kind of in shock that they are letting me stay. They could have been assholes and went by what the letter states. Whew! I feel like I dodged a bullet. I am going to resume my classes this Spring with Chemistry 2.

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