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Put Together

Today I woke up and decided to dress nice even though only a few people will see me. What is the occasion? Nothing. Just felt like it. Part of it is that my nails are painted and I have some make-up left from last night so I had to put some on today. I need to get some more make-up remover wipes otherwise known as baby wipes. What can I say, it is a special brand. It didn’t feel right putting on gym shorts and a t-shirt.

When I went to the school campus two of the staff complimented me on my outfit. That felt great. It is always nice to have someone tell you good things about the way you look. Either that or it was such a contrast to how I usually look that they couldn’t help but notice. *shrug* I am fine with it either way.

There is something to say about how you dress affects your emotional attitude. I find that when I need to deal with a stressful situation I feel better prepared if I dress up. If I have myself put together so that I exude positivity even if I am shaking in my shoes, I can deal with the stress much easier. “Fake it until you make it” kind of attitude. It is kind of like playing a part in a play. You can be anyone you choose to be and no one will know the hurting person inside. Although, it also has an effect on me when I dress up. I feel better about myself. So that goes a long way in my self confidence as well.

I can see how the fly lady theory could work for people that have the energy to devote towards it. If we can each adapt a positive spin on life it makes the misery easier to deal with, at least until the tunnel of despair overrides it. This is my manic side coming out just a bit. I wish I could feel like this more often. My downs are increasingly more than my ups. Time to keep battling.

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