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Energy Issues

How much of my energy issues are depression and how much is from my health issues? I don’t know. I know I am anemic and have a low B12 count from not eating meat. I ran out of vitamins to take to help with those issues. I know that it is affecting my exercising as well as my everyday life. I should not feel so shitty for a chick in her 30’s.

For instance, I had a bunch of plans for this Halloween season. I chickened out on the concert Friday night because of the crowds. I managed to get everyone together to go downtown on Saturday and haunt the stores. We walked for about 2 hours. I had plans to go back out Saturday night to hear a band on beach side. I just couldn’t pull my act together. I put PJs on and watched a horror flick on TV. Sunday I had plans again, but couldn’t make a go of my body even after copious amounts of coffee. Fall festivals be damned. I even missed out on the German Oktoberfest that I was really looking forward to. I just couldn’t find the energy to push myself to go.

Exercise is another thing. I can run everyday if I push, however, how far I run isn’t up to me. I get out of breath in a heart beat. I try to push through but end up dizzy. I would have to say that is the anemia. At first I thought it was just because I am out of shape. After weeks of working out it isn’t getting better. Jokes says he is worried about me. No insurance = no doctor = no meds Don’t get me started on the whole Obamabullcrap. If I can’t afford insurance now and they aren’t extending medicaid, I don’t know where they think I am going to come up with extra money. There are days that we eat ramen noodles because that is what we have until the next paycheck. I am already using credit cards to get by. I will have to pay those off too. Anyone want to put me to work? I am a fast learner. I just have a horrible resume with large gaps of time missing. *sigh* Didn’t think so…

Something has got to give. I can’t live like this much longer.

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